An ever changing story

– The season is winding down –

 Every year we watch this “picture” on a prominent huge rock on Danzante. Erosion is working on it all the time and changing the story each year. A man with a baby on his back? Two lovers dancing wild?

 * * *

At high tide and rough seas these caves are creepy places, if accessible at all.

At low tide they offer shade to do all kinds of beautiful, exiting things in cozy privacy on a warm wonderful Baja day.

 Sneaking along the rugged coast a last time…

… looking for the tiny, hidden stuff.

White beaches.

 Turquoise water.

 Far out on the ocean you can see the first traces of upcoming wind here. (On this blissful afternoon I didn’t notice it at all, only days later did I see it on this picture). An hour or so later, when we headed out to do the first crossing back over to Danzante the sea was raging and we needed all our skills to deal with the huge waves in the channel.

 * * *

At other times, when the wind is pushing, we fly home.

 A strange day with floating fog on the sea.

 * * *

* * *

The days got longer and much warmer. It must be spring. The stars have changed. Orion is way up in the zenith now when we have our wine at night on the beach, and Pleiades (Parvin) is already drowning in the west. Very early, 3 – 4 o’clock in the morning, you can see the Southern Cross low over the horizon. The moon was full one more time recently. Isn’t it time to go home?

We visit the canyons a last time. But what is a last time in the ceaseless succession of first times? We sit in the sun after swimming in the cool water, soak in the precious stillness, and when we get up to head home, we come across a big wet paw print on the hot rock right next to us. A mountain lion? It sure is big! We know they are here, But they are extremely elusive. The print dries off in less than a minute; so he must have been here literally  seconds ago, watching us, contemplating us.

A few weeks ago we saw a bighorn sheep pretty much at the same place, coming down from the rim to drink while we sat in meditation. He finally sensed us and retreated. Without any haste he climbed up impossible slopes and looked down on us, showing us his white butt. I’m sure he was smiling.

 The season is winding down. This is the time when I often get a little self conscious. So many messages this winter! Oh dear, who wants to read all this?

 * * *

 We are going to hit the road soon. Up in Joshua Tree I will most likely check mail again…

                                                                     Klaus  Loreto March 2. 2010

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