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How can you un-know what you know?

A 4-part report about a trip to New Zealand. -A little afterthought I once wrote down on a lonely beach in New Zealand- It was Abel Tasman who in 1642 laid eyes upon New Zealand as the first European. He … Continue reading

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The freedom of desire and the freedom from desire.

– An essay about the endlessly fascinating phenomenon of freedom – Orion is already high above the horizon now when we settle down for our evening sit on the beach, Pleiades (Parvin) hovers high above us almost in the zenith. The … Continue reading

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Stillpoint Island

– A reflection on Buddhism – There is a little island at the north end of Danzante. It doesn’t really have a name of its own, you will not find it on any map; however, many years ago I gave … Continue reading

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The joy of gardening here and there

Even though Parvin always has something growing in boxes and little trays – she can even grow alfalfa sprouts in a plastic bag on a backpack while hiking 20 miles every day – we never could have much of a … Continue reading

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Turning the mind on itself

Meditation, (like Yoga), has experienced an incredible boost of recognition and acceptance in the past few decades. For centuries it had been just a mysterious, obscure religious activity hardly anybody knew about, but in our times it suddenly was discovered … Continue reading

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Some thoughts about faith and belief

Some thoughts about faith and belief This was posted before but got buried in unrelated stuff… * * * Language, at best, can only evoke the truth, it cannot say the truth.  A review of : Daniel Everett (“Don’t sleep, there are snakes”) … Continue reading

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The perception and the pursuit of happiness.

We don’t see what is real, we see what we think is real. And our thoughts are to a vast extent directly influenced by conditioning that happened on a sub-personal level outside of our awareness and almost always without our … Continue reading

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Los Pelicanos

   To me pelicans have something about them that feels like deep friendship. They often sit in this typical contemplative pose, displaying peace and contentment, observing the world out of their calm eyes with dignified, friendly detachment. They don’t fight. … Continue reading

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The Passport Trip – part 3

-5 journals of a summer trip through WA, OR, and CA in 2010- – A reflection on moving water – Looking at moving water with a camera. There is something about moving water that always fascinated me. You can’t really … Continue reading

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