Clouds are not objects — Contemplating the nature of perception.

Stillpoint Island — Reflection on Buddhism.

Turning the mind on itself — An essay about meditation.

Waves and Bubbles — Studying the amazing phenomenon of bubbles.

You’ll never see a pot making a potter — Observing sea anemones and reflecting on the evolution of life.

The passport trip – Part 3 — A visual and mental reflection on moving water.

The perception and the pursuit of happiness. — Thoughts about happiness.

Some thoughts about faith and belief — A review of Daniel Everett’s book: ‘Don’t sleep there are snakes‘.

The joy of gardening here and there — The adventure of gardening at home and in Baja.

The freedom of desire and the freedom from desire — Contemplating freedom.

How can you un-know what you know — Reviewing the discovery of New Zealand by Abel Tasman.

Flying utra light — Flying with my paraglider over my home area.

Flying from the beach — Flying in Baja.

Mountain goats — A story with a tragic ending about a mountain goat we got very close to.

Los Pelicanos — About Pelicans.

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