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A life times two

The adventures of Parvin & Klaus

In a way this blog began some 40 years ago when we met and decided to do this whole thing, called life, together. It originally started as hand-written ‘letters to no one in particular‘ about our travels and adventures all over the world with multiple carbon copies I sent around to a bunch of friends. From adventure stories it evolved to deeper reflections about life I’m sharing now also with unknown friends, with the world, really. In the beginning I often thought that writing was a way to connect with myself, however, I discovered how deeply it connects me with others; not only through feedback I may get but simply by “preparing” my thoughts so others can understand them. When I write I somehow have to imagine to be the reader. This alone was a wonderful teaching. I’m happy if I make readers think a bit sometimes. Over the years it all got a life of its own with ups and downs, with self doubt and self inflation. Last but not least I love to share all this because, what else should I do with it?

(I started this blog in spring 2011, however, a big part, dating back many years prior, are conversions of old e-mail attachments.)

Who we are – Parvin and me – may become clear enough when you browse through this blog. A minimal profile could go like this:

Parvin: Born in Iran, became a physicist in Germany. Klaus: Born in Germany, was an engineer with a very short but intense career. We belong to the baby boomer generation, married and devoted to each other for ever and a day, have no kids because we thought there are already more than enough on this planet. We retired already 25 years ago, and live a pretty adventurous life in summer in the Pacific Northwest of the USA and in winter in Mexico.

Under stories I have gathered all about past adventures. These are mostly “stand-alone” stories; some have been articles in various publications.

Under articles you can find similar but more general reflections.

Under Winters you get more reflections and all about our kayaking-fishing-exploring-life in Mexico.

Under Summers you find posts about mountains and home life.

Under poems you find just that.

Under Use key words to search this blog you can search for any topic or any subject I may have touched in this blog.

I also have many pictures on my flickr site: Click here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/40212066@N08/

Feel free to contact me by e-mail. See: Contact

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13 Responses to About this blog

  1. Klaus Mack says:

    Thank you Klaus for starting this now as a blog. I am following your stories now since a while – and I must say: You and Parvin are amazing people. And there are so deep thoughts in your stories that I have to read them sometimes over and over again. And every time I read them find something more, something different hidden in them. Your stories and much more the personal conversation with you in many, many letters helped me over my darkest hours of my life. Actually changed a lot how I see different things. Maybe not that much as you were hoping for but I’m getting there Klaus. It just takes a while. You know how it is with new tricks and old dogs?
    Beside the words – the most amazing thing in your stories are your pictures for me. That’s actually how I found you! They are mesmerizing, sometimes I watch just one sometimes for the longest time, you have such an “good eye” and the photographs alone tell already a story of their own.
    I wish you all luck and fun with your new blog and hope to read many, many new stories from you.
    Please give Parvin my best wishes as well. You two are outstanding people.

    Klaus (the Austrian one)

  2. hazel says:

    thanks for taking the time and interest and doubts as to “letters to no one in particular”!
    your stories communicate so much more than just your travels and who you both are..which is ever changing…but i love to read how one comes to terms, or reasons with the mind…to justify our existence…and the existence of our worlds within our minds!

  3. Corrie White says:

    Thank you for this, Klaus and Parvin. I have always enjoyed reading about your adventures and your thoughts. I will bookmark this and look forward to your continuing journey through life. And what a life so far!!

  4. Looking forward to keeping up with your busy lives. Your stories are, as always, entertaining and though provoking.

  5. Richard Thuillier says:

    I agree, the stories are inspiring and the photography is a wonder, keep it up for ever!

  6. marlayna glynn brown says:

    Love your images and words – a stellar combination not easily created by all.

  7. Suresh Emre says:

    I just started reading your posts…but this is an ocean…it will take me while. I get the Kabir reference in the banner picture. I am so glad to have found you here.

  8. meelswa says:

    awww…you’re living the life i want, when i grow up! 🙂 summers in the pacific northwest then migrate south for warmer weather. good for you!!!!

  9. Mark says:

    Why? To develop, refine and express a mastery of the subject ‘I’. For those whom it can elevate, however fleeting or incrementally, including ‘I’ – the reader or writer.

    Because we are men? 🙂

  10. Tracy says:

    Yea! Your blog is so interesting. I can’t wait to read more. I teach English as a second language and I loved what you said about needing to clarify your thoughts before you use a different tool – I’m going to share that with my students.

  11. Klaus Kommoß says:

    Liebe Parvin, lieber Klaus!
    Nun muß ich auch endlich etwas in deutscher Sprache in Euer “Buch des Lebens” schreiben.
    Aber was? So viele liebe Leute haben sich schon mit Hochachtung über Eure Texte und Fotos geäußert, über die kleinen philosophischen, lebensbejahenden Beobachtungen und Gedanken gefreut.
    Da ich das nicht so gut kann, will ich mich mit einem Gedanken von Wilhelm von Humboldt bei Euch für all die vielen Dinge bedanken:
    “Die Zeit ist nur ein leerer Raum, dem Begebenheiten, Gedanken und Empfindungen erst den Inhalt geben.”

    Euer Klaus aus Berlin (Germany)

  12. Oh Klaus……What have you done…………….?………..We’ll miss you………..but never forget you.

  13. anja rosenzweig says:

    Hello mrs kommoss,
    I just want to say hello. You’ve been my math teacher on the kestner schule in wetzlar . Later we had lits of fun at your aerobic group. In november we will met us for beeing 30 years out of school. I remered you and searched in the web for you. So just hello and best whishes and thanks for this funny time. Sorry for my english. Greetings anja rosenzweig

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