More recent stories

Links and overviews – in no particular order

The rules of the great game — Contemplation of death and impermanence.

About expertise and mastership — A zen story about deep universal wisdom.

Pay attention and relax — Some fundamental wisdom.

Studying happiness — Reflections on happiness.

The recognition of luck — Sitting on our cliff at home and thinking about life.

A grasshopper with a beer in his hand — Imagined conversation with a grasshopper while lying on our porch.

The annual Lebebestätigung — Reflection about living in the moment.

Not speaking — A little vignette about the meditation process.

To whom did all this happen?–Reflecting on the phenomenon of self after the experience of anesthesia during a medical procedure.

Our several homes on wheels — A description of all the motor homes we had.

You don’t need to wave back — Fictional story about self.

Mountain goats — A story with a tragic ending about a mountain goat we got very close to.

Mountains on my mind — Memories of many adventures in the mountains.

French summers — Memories of holidays in France.

In vino veritas — More memories of holidays in France.

Paddling in France — Exploring rivers in France.

Letting go — Reviewing my skiing career and embracing the aging process.

My sister — Contemplating the relationship to my sister.

Lazy days at the ocean — A little fairy tale.

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