Older stories

Links and brief summaries in no particular order

Saving a paradise — Thinking back to a ‘misguided‘ project of protecting a remote beach in Baja.

Celebrating a Place — Parking our van at the very edge of a cliff in Australia and thinking about life.

Learning is letting go of concepts — Learning to fly.

A Mississippi adventure — Drifting down the Mississippi on a self-built raft, crashing into a dam, and narrowly surviving.

Driving through India — Driving in challenging conditions in India, surviving an accident, and going through some kind of transformation.

Two Baja days — A typical kayaking trip in Baja

Flying over the Sierra de la Giganta — Flying with a paraglider over a wild mountain range in Baja.

Healing Places — Finding peace at a remote beach in Baja. Reflections on self and identity.

The fly and I — A very personal report of a significant moment of learning in meditation.

Walking in the dark — Walking in total darkness on an immense dry lake bed and investigating the workings of the mind under such extreme sense deprivation.

Those who have fear and those who know fear — An exciting exploration into a deep sink hole and subsequent ‘march‘ in an underground river in New Zealand. Reflections on fear.

Baja nights — Sleeping on the beach in Baja. Reflecting on bias and illusion.

The Queen of AfghanistanRiding horses in Afghanistan. Parvin saving us out of a weird problem with brave, cunning conduct.

Matterhorn — Solo-climbing the Matterhorn and finding a dead climber on the way. Reflections on the motivations to do dangerous things.

Silent Messengers — Close encounter with a whale while kayaking in Baja.

Calling the Bluff — Getting caught in a storm out on the ocean in a kayak. Barely surviving and reflecting on perception of danger.

A secret in the valley — Exploring the mysterious sliding rocks in Death Valley. Reflecting on the concept of ‘demystification of Nature‘.

A Greencard story — How we got our greencard in a lottery. Reflections about the elusive phenomenon of home.

A gun story — An  encounter with criminals in Turkey in which I  found myself – quite unprepared – confronted with the decision to use a gun. Thoughts about non-violence.

Learning is letting go of concepts — Learning how to fly and reflecting on the mechanics of learning in general.

Making jewelry out of it — Remembering the end of my short engineering career.

To find an island in the sky — Climbing up the Golden Gate Bridge on its cable.

Running under water — Paddling a wild river in France. Reflections on self.

A day in a fairy tale — Driving through Turkey and unknowingly getting caught up in a census when no one is allowed to travel.

A lunar eclipse — Inadvertently experiencing a lunar eclipse while on a lonely long distance hike in the Sierra Nevada.

When I go fishing in the morning — Fishing in my kayak. Thoughts about killing.

The mysterious power of repetition — Contemplating the reasons why we seek to repeat experiences.

Before we go we need to let go — A short reflection on the process of letting go.

Falling into now — Observations about a harmless fall while climbing.

Dancing in the night — Dealing with the getting-old blues.

We have to fly to know the ground — A contemplation of flight.

To win without winning — A story about a major repair I had to do on our truck out in nowhere. About problem solving in general.

To paddle the river down to the ocean — A personal story about losing my friend at young age.

You can’t change the world — A reflection on perception, on the nature of identity, and on physics.

Persian rugs — Reminiscing on buying rugs in Parvin’s old home country Iran.

A house in the woods — A story about living in an old homestead ranch in the wilderness.

Klaus the seaman — Memories of my time on a German merchant ship.

The rocket engineer — Recollections of building rockets as a young boy.

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