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Seeing the world as the flowers see it

On Klahane Ridge: Hurricane Ridge road: our “road to work” in summer. Up switch back, on Victor Pass we look down on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. While  it’s warm and calm up on the mountains, the ocean is often covered … Continue reading

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The joy of gardening here and there

Even though Parvin always has something growing in boxes and little trays – she can even grow alfalfa sprouts in a plastic bag on a backpack while hiking 20 miles every day – we never could have much of a … Continue reading

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Summer comes late here in the Pacific Northwest, and this year we thought it would never come. But it finally arrived. And summer is always mild and gentle up here; while the rest of the world is groaning under unbearable … Continue reading

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June on the Olympic Peninsula

The daisies were fantastic this year You could wade in daisies everywhere It’s like snow in summer It is not quite summer yet up here, but it’s coming. Daisy: Margeritten: Bellis Perennis: Low-growing Eurasian plant with yellow central disc and … Continue reading

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Spring in the Pacific Northwest

Spring was wet and cold. As it mostly is. The wonderful green of the Pacific Northwest comes with a price. I walk in our forest and watch the season change. Not many trees to cut this year, but the ground … Continue reading

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