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The air was like Champaign

 – A summer day above the clouds –  Sometimes there come such days when a whole life seems to run through you within one single day. Everything goes by itself, you just let yourself be carried on and at the … Continue reading

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Seeing the world as the flowers see it

On Klahane Ridge: Hurricane Ridge road: our “road to work” in summer. Up switch back, on Victor Pass we look down on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. While  it’s warm and calm up on the mountains, the ocean is often covered … Continue reading

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Mountain summer

          The thin blue haze of summer, satiating the distance with magic. This blueness of distant mountains that fills the heart with yearning, with this dreaming of endless carefree summer days, of gentle heat, of freedom, adventure, … Continue reading

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Foggy Days

– Misty days in the mountains – Lunch in the fog Mountain forest Now the bears come out for the huckleberries                                                              Klaus Sept. 1.  2008

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Mountain Summer

We look at Mt.Olympus from a distance again.  Our favorite flower meadows are in their prime now.    Up in the highest elevations the Lupines are still blooming. Bugs feasting on Cow Parsnip Indian Paintbrush  Hurricane Ridge early in the … Continue reading

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– Through the green maze of the lowlands to the icy roof of our peninsula – There are only a few places on our peninsula from where one can actually see the snow-covered center with Mt.Olympus. (This is from Obstruction … Continue reading

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Strolling along high ridges again

Deer Ridge. Hey, where is Parvin? Isn’t she always somewhere on my pictures?  Oh, there she is.  Mountain meadows in July   Klahane Ridge  Klahane Ridge. And Grand Ridge in the background.  Lupine fields on Klahane Ridge  Hurricane Ridge  Mt.Angeles. … Continue reading

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Mountain Goats

– A story with a tragic ending about a mountain goat we got very close to – The snow is gradually melting on Hurricane Ridge.  Yesterday there was a mountain goat lying in the sun on Hurricane Ridge. He seemed to … Continue reading

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Spring in our mountains

  Thick snow on Klahane Ridge Scary descent from the west face of Mt.Angeles. Reaching the summit up the east face of Mt.Angeles Mt.Angeles: “Our summit” Fog at Victor Pass The “cat walk” on Mt.Angeles April on Hurricane Ridge. The panorama … Continue reading

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