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Desert Spring

– Perhaps another glimpse of impermanence –  Joshua Tree N.P.  Joshua Tree has become a secret reference point for me, an annual test: can I still climb this rock?   My old rotten knee has finally become a real problem. … Continue reading

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The beginning of another season

– Checking out an old gold mine, a few thoughts about symmetry, and recalling a dramatic car break down – Late October 2008 The mountains had already received their snow cover, the first frost had chilled our bones, and the … Continue reading

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Joshua Tree

– Our regular stopover in Joshua Tree N.P. – – Spring 2008 – The season is over. It’s spring in the desert, the wild flowers are out.  For two weeks or so there is sometimes a carpet of color on … Continue reading

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Rocks are made for climbing

Rocks are made for climbing, that’s what they are for. Going up against all odds until there is no more. Showing off? Oh, sure! But, showing off is often a surprisingly multi-layered business. We enjoy it when kids do it. … Continue reading

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