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A summer moment

– A reflection on the phenomenon of identification – A summer moment: Late in the afternoon on the porch under the grape leaves – a toast of self-baked bread with Jostaberry marmalade (from our own harvest) with yoghurt – a … Continue reading

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To whom did all this happen?

Reflecting on the phenomenon of self after the experience of anesthesia during a medical procedure.  – An unexpected awakening –           … I remember the activities of the people in the hospital who were preparing me for a stomach-endoscopy. It all … Continue reading

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You can’t change the world

A reflection on perception, on the nature of identity, and on physics. – A new definition of hope – It was perhaps half a lifetime ago, somewhere in Northern Thailand. I had wandered through the partially overgrown ruins of an ancient Buddhist … Continue reading

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We have to fly to know the ground

– The magic of another perspective – I’ve been flying again. My usual round, late in the day, maybe an hour before sunset. It’s early August. The earth seems to exhale after the heat of the day. The fragrance of … Continue reading

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Running under water

Paddling a wild river in France. Reflections on self. – The kind of praise ego can’t handle – It was one of those summers in the early 80s when our enjoyment of physical activities was probably at its peak. Although … Continue reading

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The Passport Trip – part 3

-5 journals of a summer trip through WA, OR, and CA in 2010- – A reflection on moving water – Looking at moving water with a camera. There is something about moving water that always fascinated me. You can’t really … Continue reading

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