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The show goes on

– A look at the mountain range behind our camp – Under the spell of Giganta. * * * A new year – the show goes on.    This is the morning show from our beach.    We see it … Continue reading

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Mountains on my mind

– Memories of many adventures in the mountains – Once again the year’s mountain season is coming to an end for us. While the old snow is finally barely gone the next can fall any day now. Soon we’ll head … Continue reading

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Desert Spring

– Perhaps another glimpse of impermanence –  Joshua Tree N.P.  Joshua Tree has become a secret reference point for me, an annual test: can I still climb this rock?   My old rotten knee has finally become a real problem. … Continue reading

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Falling into now

Observations about a harmless fall while climbing. – Receiving the moment without condition – We had just begun a short practice climb on a sandstone cliff. I was standing on the ground, belaying her, and she was 30 feet or … Continue reading

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The mysterious power of repetition

Contemplating the reasons why we seek to repeat experiences.  – “Our” mountain – There is a mountain we sometimes call our own. We climb it at least 30 times a season. On an early August day, when the wildflowers on … Continue reading

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To find an island in the sky

 Climbing up the Golden Gate Bridge on its cable. – Because it’s there –   I think it was Mallory, the heroic mountaineer of the 1920s who never returned from Mt.Everest to be able to tell that maybe he was … Continue reading

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 Solo-climbing the Matterhorn and finding a dead climber on the way. Reflections on the motivations to do dangerous things. – The question whether to save your life or to live your life –   The Matterhorn is one of the … Continue reading

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