Baja Magic

I heard Christmas is coming up. I’m glad we hardly notice it here at our remote desert shore. All the elsewhere inescapable commercial effort to inspire festive feelings in this time is far away. Christmas decorations make me depressed. I get sick when I hear Christmas music. It’s not only the disgusting commercialization of Christmas, it is the general mindless way how it is perpetuated even when almost no one is even remotely honest about its original meaning. So I can’t help to see Christmas as a symbol for pretense, of empty, fake sentimentality. I’m sure it’s a bit rude to say it like this, but I’m glad to be a bit removed from all that.

 Our “winter home” under the watch of Giganta.

  The paddle season is on again.

 A beautiful Pargo for dinner.

 One heron and the usual crowd of cormorants.

 Cormorants can’t fly very well. They need forever to really take off – flap, flap, flap – also paddling with their feet on the water surface trying to gain speed.

 The heron gracefully gliding away.

 These Sea Spiders grow pretty large here in Baja.

 Sailing home from Carmen. Danzante in the background. A stiff easterly is perfect for this course.

 The first 30 minutes or so of the lunar eclipse on Dec. 10. 2011. (Not as mysterious and unexpected as another one we saw years ago: click here). It started very early in the morning just before the moon disappeared in the west behind the mountains.

 The first bit of morning glow had just developed in the east.

 Baja magic on a still winter day.

                                                                                 Klaus Dec 17. 2011

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1 Response to Baja Magic

  1. Selma says:

    I agree with you about Christmas – the commercialisation is often too much to bear.
    Baja really is a magical place. It looks like the most peaceful place on earth. Love all the birdlife!

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