The joy of gardening here and there

Even though Parvin always has something growing in boxes and little trays – she can even grow alfalfa sprouts in a plastic bag on a backpack while hiking 20 miles every day – we never could have much of a garden while we were traveling. Later, when our traveling became slower and slower we came back to it and tried it everywhere. Parvin often managed to do some gardening even in Baja where we have to haul every drop of water from far away and apply it carefully like medicine.

Gardening in the wild desert of Baja

We grew Mustard Green right next to the beach on virgin desert soil.

Tomatoes take time, the usual 5 winter months we live there is barely enough for them to get ripe, but in the end they are so delicious.

Close to the beach we often had a tiny little bed of Acelga under a shady Mesquite Tree where otherwise only cactus and sage grows, and it worked like a miracle. The little wild birds had never seen something green like this:

Snakes came to lie in the shade, eventually some bugs found them and took the rest before we left in spring. About gardening in Baja (Click here for more) and (here).

Parvin has clearly a green thumb – her flower garden at home is always a feast for the senses:

But to really produce food is a different story, and we are only beginning to learn this art.

This summer we tried our luck with “cold frames”: simple wooden frames sitting directly on the ground with a glass window for a cover. They provide protection from our cool nights, but they also protect the plants from slugs and from deer – a major problem in our northern “wild” area.

It works so well that we have great plans for next year…

As we grow older and have grudgingly joined the “bad-knee & bad-back club”, I sawed off the legs of a chair to experiment with the idea of working with a little more comfort.

Here is an update June 2012 with a new higher version made of durable wood:

* * *

So far we grow mostly herbs: Dill, Arugula, Mustard Green, Mint, Parsley, Thyme, Oregano, Chives, Rosemary, Horseradish, Marjoram, Endive, and Tarragon. Young Red Kale and exotic lettuces go very well as herbs too. For Basil to grow well, we simply had not enough warm days this year.

There is nothing like a herb toast in the evening: A slice of our self-baked dark full-grain sourdough bread, toasted, maybe a slice of cheese on it or a scrambled egg, or both, and two hands full of herbs on top. Perhaps a few nuts to round it off. Traditional Iranian cuisine is full of herbs, they all grow in abundance there.

Perhaps a bowl of berries, picked in our own forest, for dessert.


                                                                                      Klaus  Aug. 8. 2011

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  1. anne mccormack says:

    ein wahres fest fuer augen und magen !!! anne

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