Summer comes late here in the Pacific Northwest, and this year we thought it would never come. But it finally arrived. And summer is always mild and gentle up here; while the rest of the world is groaning under unbearable heat we have it just right.

There is still a lot of snow on the mountains. Again, while it’s sizzling almost everywhere else in this country we can still walk on snow:

Finally, we can do what we always do in summer. Up on Klahane Ridge, we walk on top of the mountains again and feel the splendor of this land.

All by ourselves but right in the middle of it all, we stroll on our old trails, often still snow-covered, breathing the fragrance of earth and celebrating the aromas of summer wafting in the air.

 We climb “our” mountain again:

For me it is a special delight to be up there on my “temple” again. When I came home from Mexico this year I could barely walk; arthritis is messing up my knee more and more. It went away, but then my back started to flare up like never before. It kept me grounded for over two months. Now this is better, and boy, what a pleasure to be out there again and move.

This is our place of worship. We look down on the rest of the world, decked out in summer stillness.

Our little town somewhere down there, insignificant, between mountains and ocean.

The flowers are late too this year.

But summer is just beginning.

For more about our mountain summers: click here or here and check out this

                                                                  Klaus    July 30.  2011

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7 Responses to Summer

  1. Klaus Mack says:

    Always when I see our mountains in the NW I’m getting homesick to my Alps. Great to hear that your knee and your back is better.
    Best regards from Maryland

  2. Jan Walker says:

    Beautiful Klaus!

  3. Kottie Ross says:

    Hi Klaus so gorgeous. We see your mountains form our deck…from a distance, but always enjoyed. Kottie

  4. Selma says:

    You must be very fit with all that mountain climbing. Your photos are glorious. I particularly like the ones with the carpets of wildflowers. You must feel so joyful all the way up there!

  5. Chuck and Cyndee Thompson says:

    Beautiful photos of our home town and birthplace! I can still smell the warm aroma of those delicious cookies, so graciously prepared for our impromptu visit (unannounced attack?).

    Hope you are both feeling well. Sorry to hear about your ailments, though.

    I’m in SE Asia enjoying the non-stop rain of the Monsoon season. Cyndee is in Atlanta, probably enjoying your photos and missing home, also.

  6. 300hikes says:

    I’m still waiting for the Oregon snow to melt. How I long for the Cascades…

  7. me Rotraut says:

    I am soooo glad for you to finally be able to get up there again. I enjoy the heat here and miss Parvin’s Joga instructions.
    Love you both

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