June on the Olympic Peninsula

The daisies were fantastic this year

You could wade in daisies everywhere

It’s like snow in summer

It is not quite summer yet up here, but it’s coming.

Daisy: Margeritten: Bellis Perennis: Low-growing Eurasian plant with yellow central disc and white outer ray petals.

               Up here we don’t get this frenzy of growth in spring, the hurry before the heat sets in. It all has time to develop; there’s never a shortage of moisture.

 The rodies are almost done here at home. Higher up in the mountains they are just beginning.


* * *

Other creatures are feeling the summer coming too.

* * *

In the evenings you have to bundle up out here. Heat is unheard of on the Olympic Peninsula!

* * *

I built my elaborate wood piles again. In the sun all summer long this way it gets bone dry. By the rate we escape the real winters this stack lasts at least for two years. I laugh about myself how again and again I get this childish satisfaction out of stacking it all up so neatly. I mused about this before: (click here)

In the forest I have more. Preparation for future winters when we may not go away anymore.

  I only cut down dead trees, and it gives me endless pleasure to make use of them.

This is my cup of tea.

* * * 

Parvin got Bill to prepare our garden for next year.

That’s her cup of tea.

* * *

                                                                 Klaus June 26. 2011

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4 Responses to June on the Olympic Peninsula

  1. Richard Thuillier says:

    Thats quite the firewood collection. Just like a squirrel you’ve stored enough for a winter but yours never comes. I love the wild setting of your garden, just enough order to make room for you but no more.

  2. Looks like you are both enjoying the days of Summer.

  3. Klaus Mack says:

    Hello Klaus.
    In Austria we would call you a “Holzwurm”, with all the wood you are preparing. Thanks for your wonderful pictures.

  4. Corrie White says:

    Love the pictures. Parvin blends in so well with the daisies. A lovely life.

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