Someone chopping wood

Someone chopping wood

by Klaus Kommoss  October 2006

All thinking has retreated again

after half an hour of chopping wood.

What a relief.

The axe is swinging,

is it finding its aim by itself?

Someone is splitting wood,

I only watch

and savor the incomprehensible precision of the motion.

Gravity, momentum, timing, the subtle play of forces

and sudden concentrated effect.

There is endless delight

in watching,

watching the mystery.

The miracle of opening up the structure of wood

by quite unknowingly and yet so skillfully guiding the path of the falling axe;

not ripping it apart with blind force,

but by letting the body do

what it mysteriously knows how to do.

And stepping aside,

being outside,

and watching.

Who is guiding the axe?

Who is aiming the blows with such improbable precision?

Who is watching?

Who is it who’s enjoying

this wonderful game?

* * *


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One Response to Someone chopping wood

  1. Richard Thuillier says:

    Who is watching out for my toes?

    Nice Klaus.

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