Suppositions and memories

  – A reflection on how we perceive reality –

We found a new sea-cave on Carmen

 At low tide you can swim into a secluded, totally protected room.


 A whale baby crossing our way off Danzante

 ******* * * * * * *******


 And once again the day finally came when it was time to leave…

Our little home on wheels started rolling again.

Not much of a home.

A very small apartment. But it almost always has a knock-out view. Great hiking near by, and kayaking. World class outdoor playgrounds in walking distance. Great climate too, you can count on it. Well, it moves; that’s the secret.

 But what is a home anyway? A place you know – not more, not less. Any place can be home. Anywhere can become home. And some homes move. But don’t we all always carry our homes within us? Our ideas, our preferences, opinions, our beliefs, our habits. Home is not really a place, it is assumptions, suppositions, concepts, memories. As real as they seem, we only suppose they are real. Sometimes, after a long stay, when our little house suddenly starts moving again I feel this powerful message.

 * * *

Baja landscape.

Sometimes we almost forget what an exotic land Baja really is.

Heading north, Bahia Conception is a regular stopover on our journey.

Playa Requeson, just a few inches above sea level – the ideal place to get wiped out by a Tsunami; but we were still lucky.

It’s getting really warm now…

Stingrays at Playa Requeson

 You have to watch out not to step on them. It’s pretty impossible to see them. They hide in very shallow water on the bottom and cover themselves with sand. And they don’t always flee when you come walking along in knee-deep water. When you step on them they sting you with a sharp tooth in their whip-like tail. Extremely painful !!!!

 Playa Requeson:

Once, our place in the sun, many years ago.

A unique place. A place to practice. A cul de sac for the mind until it learns to release. 

This was once the place in our restless traveling life where we stopped in our tracks at the tip of a narrow sand spit and thought our travels had come to an end – of course it didn’t really, it was just a major mile stone. Maybe it was the place where we transcended the whole idea of traveling altogether and started traveling inwardly.

 Not much to do there.

And that was exactly the sweet secret of this place, the challenge I once searched for in order to figure out a few things about life – years and years ago.

The magic is still there, but you can find it everywhere.

 All the things in the world are suppositions

All the things in the world are suppositions that we have supposed into being. The problem is that once we’ve supposed them, we fall for our own conjectures, we don’t let them go. We like them, we believe them, we take them for real; they turn into views, into opinions, into certainties we build our world on.

All the things in the world are suppositions. Quite a radical statement, but I think most people will agree and only object to the word ‘all‘. Of course we make assumptions – to a degree; how else could we organize thought, how else could we have language and communicate? However I don’t think it’s only a matter of degree. Is truth just a so-far-unfalsified hypothesis? What status does truth have in the strange, uncertain world of quantum theory? Is anything ultimately true?

When we truly investigate the workings of the mind, and when we admit that what we usually call facts are just practical approximations, useful ‘deals‘ we make with reality in order to fabricate sense, we find that even the mere term truth is a supposition.

When we know what a supposition is and when we have objectively observed the mind and found that that is what it does, we’ll know release. We still won’t stop making suppositions – you can’t change Nature – but we understand what’s happening and we can refrain from fabricating truth out of assumptions; we let go. We surrender to how things really are, that they are uncertain, that certainty is nothing but a mirage.


 And Old Blue is standing in silence, his eyes, lidless, unblinking, passionless, looking at nothing but seeing everything. A symbol of perfect emotional detachment.

Do we intuitively get his teaching? Or do we just fall for another supposition?

* * *

At Salton Sea, once again we feel the different vibes of being back in the US.

 On the satellite radio we listen to the dreadful news pouring in from all over the world. We are just lucky bystanders. Certainty is nothing but a mirage.

 * * *

                                                           Klaus  second week of March 2011

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6 Responses to Suppositions and memories

  1. Richard Thuillier says:

    Any chance I can get you to write about your very early life with Parvin when you were travelling in Iran.
    I’d love to see more pictures and stories from those times.

  2. hazel says:

    the mind is a terrible thing to waste…i love that slogan! and you do use yours…however i venture to guess most humans do not, because its easier (laziness) to look to the external.
    “Do we intuitively get his teaching? Or do we just fall for another supposition?”
    intuition requires a minds capacity to perceive truth or insight…i perceive we mostly assume phenomena/self, otherwise the world or our worlds would reflect a clarity of peace you describe and witness in your image of “Old Blue”. yet our world is filled with wars, sickness, natural devastations…world peace begins within.

  3. I think we have to come to terms with what the mind really is. The thinking mind usually claims all property rights, but there is so much more to it. It is a vast mirror, empty and true at the same time. Like “Old Blue”, aware of everything and yet uninvolved.

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