Last Canyon

– A hike into a wild canyon –

 One season is ending, another is beginning. The mood is changing. It got warm over night. Before we pack up we head out into the canyons one last time:

Wow Canyon

 A gigantic ancient fig tree in the shady niches of the canyon

 Fig trees grow layers of new wood over old dead wood.

 It all moves – very slowly – but it moves.

 They grow branches that fuse and unite with other branches again and even with the trunk.

 My all time favorite fig tree.

 A weeping wall slowly, drop by drop, fills an ancient man-made basin on the bottom with delicious, precious water.

 Looking at the hanging garden above. We saw Bighorn Sheep up there peering down at us. And a Ringtail Cat showed its beautiful face before it hid in a crevasse.

 This palm tree has managed to make a full loop growing upward.

 The water in the canyons is cool and crystal clear.

 Only where it’s very shallow it gets warm enough to provide the conditions for algae.

 The entrance of Wow Canyon blocked by an emerald pool..

 A refreshing swim at the end…

* * *

                                                                Klaus  first week of March 2011

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One Response to Last Canyon

  1. hazel says:

    spectacular sights!
    i believe that is a “Rock Fig” tree. they truly do grow out of rocks…pure magic!

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