Baja Delicatessen

– About good food in Baja –

Finally we have a first little touch of winter. A powerful storm is raging outside for a couple of days. The sand is flying; the temperatures are dropping to the chilly 40s in the morning. The truck is shaking. The sea is wild. Time to stay in bed or get up and make some delicious food.

Baja shrimp salad

 Oatmeal pancake with blueberries for breakfast on the beach.

 Müsli with self-made yoghurt

 Fresh self-baked bread, queso fresco, and tomato slices with self-grown mustard sprouts. The orange juice is of course always self-pressed from local fruits.

 On windy days we take more time to eat well.

 Yellowtail Sashimi with alfalfa sprouts and cumin dill rice

 Chocolate clams fresh from the sea

 The final touch…

 Nazi Goreng a la Parvin. My all time favorite! The rice is made Iranian style. (No one can do it better! It is a very complicated process with many immeasurable details, almost like witchcraft)

 A late dinner on the beach

 Sushi time again and again with lots of roasted sesame seeds in them.

 The Yellowtail is fresher than it could ever be anywhere else. Miso soup with red beets, dried mushrooms from home, and lots of garlic.

 Making Sushi is an art

 Parvin’s Sushis are sensational!

* * *

                                                                    Klaus  first week of Feb. 2011

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