Lazy afternoons in January

 – Baja life –

The hummingbirds are busy at our Aloe Vera blossoms.

 Lazy afternoon hours

 Abbey comes over to pick us up for our evening walk

“No excuses; it’s time, get up!”

 * * *

 A magical day in mid winter: Jan.18.2011 – Out in nowhere on the Sea of Cortez, 10 miles from home:

On some days the sea is so calm, it’s almost unreal. It is not only the visual effect of an unagitated, trance-like water surface; I’m always fascinated by the acoustic sensation of a completely calm ocean: you can hear sounds sometimes ten miles away – birds splashing, fish jumping, eventually wind coming, long before even the faintest idea of it riffles the water or touches your skin.

 Stillness on the ocean is vastly different from stillness on land. Silence on the open ocean is not just a lack of sounds, it is the sensation of being in immediate contact with a world where sound doesn’t exist. Silence on the ocean is like directly touching extraterrestrial space.

 * * *

 Our Yoga teacher inventing new crazy postures and draping herself in trees.

* * *

Razor sharp rock formations near Punta Baja on Carmen

 Dominique snorkeling in a cave.

 Parvin looking for cover.

Imagine to get shipwrecked at this shore and crash into this with the surf.

 On the backbone of Danzante


 Honeymoon cove

 Coming home after a day on the ocean

 The new year is taking shape. By now already a hint of spring seems to be in the air. The moon has come and gone; Orion is already way up overhead when we sit in the night.

 * * *

                                                                    Klaus  Last week of Jan. 2011

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