Parvin’s Paddlers Yoga

 – Our morning show almost every day –

 Under west wind conditions a peculiar cloud sits almost motionless over Giganta

* * *

It’s January; we are deep in our Baja winter. The wonderful restlessness of the first two months has gradually ebbed off. It’s cool enough now to seek out the sun and sit on the beach, soaking up the warmth in the morning. It’s cool enough to cuddle up under a thick comforter at night and sleep in often. The fishing has slowed down a bit as usual, but the freezer is already half full anyway. It feels good to sometimes let perfect paddle days just slip by unused.

* * *

But then we go out again: The white cliffs of Carmen

One of the neat caves under spectacular rocks at Punta Arena on Carmen

 On a wonderful day out on Carmen we all do Parvin’s unorthodox Paddlers Yoga.


I saw this in the May 2011 – National Geographic


 * * *

                                                                                Klaus  Jan. 10.  2011

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