Mountain summer






The thin blue haze of summer, satiating the distance with magic. This blueness of distant mountains that fills the heart with yearning, with this dreaming of endless carefree summer days, of gentle heat, of freedom, adventure, and the joy of living. The slopes and valleys below, covered with the filigreed structure of forest, the trees, bathed in sunlight, inexhaustible variations of green with this tinge of gold glowing over the tops, a shade that seems to move with the wind and flow over the ridges. Forest every where, untouched, untainted – the unspeakable sweetness of ageless life.



 The sediment of ethereal, floating summer days

Now the time has come again when the valleys are often filled with haze, with the sediment of ethereal, floating summer days, when the lightness of summer has gently drifted away beyond the horizons, when the stillness has returned, in which it all resounds in peace.

 * * *

                                                                                   Klaus   Sep. 3 2010

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