Home, sweet Home

A look at our house

– September 2010 –

 * * *

 – Pacific Northwest summer –

We stayed home most of the time this summer.

See the poor tree in the left background – cut down to half of its glory this spring? But it’s healthy and strong and may grow a new top now.

 * * * * *

 After all those years we made a new driveway this summer. As a matter of fact, we recovered it; it was always there but had completely grown over.

 After many days of hard work we could be proud of this new driveway. However, what we are really proud of is that the old one had actually grown over. The fact that it was gradually covered with grass is a convincing indication that we pretty sparingly drove on it; this, in turn, is a clear indication how modest our carbon footprint is. And to manage to live nicely while maintaining a small carbon footprint, I think, is nowadays a better reason for pride than anything else.

 For a long time now our main means of transportation is our funny ‘bicycle for two‘.

 * * *

The deer – our grudgingly tolerated neighbors – little by little they think they own the place. This shot was taken right from our sofa.

 * * * * * * * * * *

  To redo the porch was also on the agenda this summer.

Beautiful cedar wood – I wonder how long it will last.

 * * *

The grapes are growing each year.

Afternoon tea time

We secretly hope the grapes might cover the entire house one day.


The Yuccas are exceptional this year.

So are Parvin’s Hydrangeas. She is experimenting with different fertilizers to give them unique colors.

This part of our backyard I keep as wild as it wants.

The sunroom I added many years ago We left very little unchanged in this house over the years.

* * *

Parvin’s favorite way to rest.

Our indoor jungle.

(We often take part of it with us in our motorhome when we go on our annual migration.)

Morning stillness

Late summer is the time for Parvin’s flower bouquets.

The computer has become a bit of an addiction for me too – did I really think I would be immune? –  I’m watching it with concerned interest.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

                                                                  Klaus   early September  2010

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