You’ll never see a pot making a potter

You’ll never see a pot making a potter.

Or do you?

– Some thoughts about the physics of life –

Little tidal pools teeming with life.

Sea anemones.

Their tentacles are moving around groping for food.

The old biology taught that each living being is engaged in an individualistic competition for survival against every other living being. The new biology teaches that life exists only in cooperative relation to other life and the species that survive are those that find their place of service. Life is community. (David Korten)

According to quantum physics things have no properties. The properties we see (experience) are the properties of our interactions with them. The properties we generally ascribe to things don’t really belong to them but to our interaction with them. To say that something has no properties is the same as saying that it doesn’t exist. So, the logic is inescapable: without us, things don’t exist. Transferring the properties that we usually ascribe to things to our interactions with them deprives the things of an independent existence. Without us, or, by implication, anything else to interact with, things don’t exist. But this remarkable conclusion is only half the story. The other half is that, in a similar manner, without things, or, by implication, anything else to interact with, we do not exist.       (Zukav)

Tiny fish, barely 10 mm long, living in these little tidal pools.

Stuff is alive when it is involved in interwoven processes and changes that are and try to remain in a state of extreme non-equilibrium. To be alive means to be unbalanced.   (I think this is from Lovelock)

 All this is only a few centimeters below the water surface.

The scientifically savvy philosopher Daniel Dennett pointed out that evolution counters one of the oldest ideas we have: “the idea that it takes a big fancy smart thing to make a lesser thing. I call that the trickle down theory of creation. You will never see a spear making a spear maker. You will never see a horse shoe making a blacksmith. You’ll never see a pot making a potter.” Darwin’s discovery of a workable process that does just that very counterintuitive thing is what makes his contribution to human thought so revolutionary, and so loaded with the power to raise consciousness.

Rotolyth. When this breaks down to tiny pieces you get wonderful white beaches.

  * * *

                                                                                  Klaus  March 1. 2010

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