Mantas and dancing water

– Watching Mantas in the ocean and observing dancing water in a little creek –


and dancing water 

 Baja in deep winter

 Yoga on the mountain.

 The Baja coast line.

 Barnacles. Marine crustaceans with feathery food-catching appendages. As larvae they are free-swimming; as adults they form a hard shell and live attached to submerged surfaces.

 Fresh Tuna Sashimi. Caught only 2 hours before.

 Getting a haircut in the wild.

 Honeymoon Cove never loses its magic.

 These are big manta rays. They feed on plankton and small fishes.

 This time of the year they perform these strange rituals, when they congregate in huge numbers and seem to go crazy.

 From a distance you see these white foaming spots of 150 feet across, it looks like an underground volcano is about to erupt. It sounds as if a huge wind gust is coming. The entire boil pretty slowly moves around for minutes and suddenly disappears.

 They swim very close together, overlap each other and violently flap their wings. It might be a mating ritual, but I don’t know at all.

At other times we see them jumping into the air. They can easily jump 10 feet straight up, flapping their wings like birds, and sometimes somersault. I can’t help to see plain exuberance in these jumps; for me they literally jump for joy. They also do this in groups, kind of outdoing each other. (Others interpret this behavior as an effort to get rid of parasites.)

* * *

After the rain the canyons beckon again.

 The air is fresh and clean, and there is the sound of running water filling the canyons.

Puddles everywhere.


* * *

Water in the act of carving new canyons; just wait a couple of million years.

 Dancing water.

 The canyon walls reflecting on the edge of a water fall.

Smoothly flowing water, playfully turning into chaos.

* * *

A fantastic show of distant thunderstorms passing by over Carmen one night.


 * * *

                                                                                   Klaus  Jan. 29.  2010

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