The first big storm

This is how you get around here. Without a boat you would miss it all.

  When the wind is right we sometimes fly home the easy way.

 … look at the bow wave!

 Dust and moisture in the air; some weather is coming.

 Late in the afternoon, Giganta is veiled in spooky clouds.

 The weather forecast we get here is never very accurate, but there is serious stuff coming, they say. We button up, tie down everything, and wait.

 And this one really turned into our first serious storm this year. The sea was coal black in the morning, not even a hint of dancing sunlight on the waves. In fact, the wind had flattened the sea as if a mysterious veil had been cast over it. At first it blew from the south west, which always goes along with incredible gusts because it comes tumbling down over the mountains. In the night it had ripped with 30+ knots and drenched us with warm rain.

 During the day it continues, wild and wet.

 As it blows off shore, west wind makes the sea appear deceptively flat. Far out there, it’s actually pretty brutal. As the system moves on, the wind shifts to the familiar north, and pummels us from there for two days. After rain the ground gets extremely muddy here, walking around is laughably messy, and without 4×4 driving is impossible. However, things dry up so quickly. The sea is alive, to say the least, the air is noisy and dusty; to be honest, if someone would arrive here today without any previous knowledge of the Baja, he/she would definitely not like it.


 But it’s still quite warm, we sit inside and finally get back to our books. Parvin rereads Erich Fromm’s “Die Kunst des Liebens” finally in German; I found immense delight with my old admired friend and expert on Mysticism James Carse, his: “Breakfast at the Victory” is one of the very best readings I had for a long time. We hear the weather up north is much worse than here. Disaster alerts in California and Arizona with incredible winds there. Northern Baja has also been hit hard, the one road north is out, we hear. So, we cuddle up in our little house here; waiting out a storm, no big deal.

 * * *

Parvin’s Yoga class.

* * *

Down here the tree to rest under is of course a cactus.

* * *

                                                                             Klaus  Jan. 24.   2010

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