Ordinary days in paradise

 – Beginning of a new year in Baja –

* * *

If each day falls

inside each night,

there exists a well

where clarity is imprisoned.

We need to sit on the rim

of the well of darkness

and fish for fallen light

with patience.

by Pablo Neruda

* * *

A lazy morning on our “porch”.

 On our morning run around Danzante.

 Breakfast Island is about an hour away from us; we often stop there after fishing.

 The cormorants …

… are getting nervous because we are too close.

 They always seem to look at something far in the distance.

 Clouds hanging over Giganta.

 * * *

New Year’s Eve was a Blue Moon. A windy day in Baja, but warm and peaceful.

 No fireworks here, no noise at all,

just the wind and the rushing surf on the beach.

  Lately I can’t get enough of watching the dancing reflections of the sun on the ocean. Protected Honeymoon Cove, where the fierce Northerlies just gently fan over it.

 This time of the year the sun is always gentle; the brutal heat of summer is a distant nightmare.

 Paddling far out on the ocean under a rare cloud cover.

 * * *

 One night we watched an amazing ant migration. Millions and millions of little ants marching on an invisible path from somewhere to somewhere. In the dark we could not find neither the source nor the destination.

 This silent stream of mysterious life lasted for an hour or so –  every single ant followed exactly the same erratic path – (Occasionally one single individual would walk exactly in the opposite direction, probably a messenger reporting back about the arrival at the destination.) then the entire relentless flow suddenly diminished and petered out, no traces were left behind.

 This event followed me in my dreams for days.

 * * *

 Walk Around Behind Thoughts

 by Robert Hall

(we sat with him a few times in Todos Santos)

 Today, you could walk around

behind thoughts

into that empty shining sky

even though your feet feel solid.

But more than that can happen

when you look behind thoughts

and see how experience has never

belonged to you,

not even the pain or the breathing.

Not even the sounds of thinking

nor the desire to make it change;

not the slightest itch.

Then you don’t have to work

on it anymore.

You are excused by a touch of freedom.

Out your window

leaves wing the air

making their wiggling movements

like thoughts struggling to break free

from the mind’s

hidden places.

All of God’s angels have

put us here and said

“now surrender” –

“it won’t be so bad.

You’ll not lose anything –

only gain a wise moment

in a life that otherwise

drifts from day to day

without a stone to hold it down.”

You think you think –

but that isn’t what happens.

It’s so hard to know the truth.

You have to sit very still

and be in wonder

and notice carefully

when the leave moves and when

a thought floats past

and when you think

you can’t stand it anymore,

maybe, (and there are no known rules about this), just maybe,

you will receive on your tongue

a thin wafer

of understanding.

Then you will want to be here

again and again,

because it is true

that we all get fed and nourished


and then the mystery carries us away.

<<< * >>>

I wish everybody a most wonderful new year.

                                                                         Klaus  Jan. 07.  2010

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