Strange creatures and murmuring water

– Observations in one of those Baja canyons – 

  I found a Praying Mantis on my sandals and she let me patiently study her.

 She can turn her head like a human and look at you; it can give you goose pimples!

 As ghostly as she may appear, doesn’t she look elegant?

 She moves ever so slowly, swaying gently, and it looks as if she is actually dancing. The slow Tango of the Praying Mantis.

 Here is a baby we found one day.

 This is a Walking Stick (or what ever they are called). They sit absolutely motionless – unless you really tease them. (The front legs are held very tightly to the body). It is very easy to mistake them for a dead stick. They get even a lot bigger than this, and some are green and have wings.

* * *

 By now, we did our first excursions into the canyons again.

When boulder hopping and climbing we feel how still out of shape we are.

 At one place this canyon is totally blocked by gigantic boulders, to climb over them seems out of the question, a passage appears impossible. (I did it once, but it was hair-raising !)

 But then, when you really search for ways, deep inside, in total darkness, there is a unique kind of secret passage: a tunnel, as narrow as a skinny human body, water streaming through it.

You can squeeze through, smell all the strange rotten smells there, hope that the scorpions don’t get you, make two turns, upward and sideways, totally blind, just feeling the way, then see a glimmer of light way up above, and crawl on …

 … balance over a palm tree trunk,

  and emerge in a new realm of the upper canyon.

* * *

The pools are full this year,

and delightfull.


* * *

Beautiful salamanders.

 * * *

In the streams and pools…

… I try out my “fancy” underwater-camera housing.

All kinds of tiny creatures under water.


Murmuring water …

 rushing water,

 gurgling water,

 … trees and the canyon walls reflecting in the stream.

 We know this elephant-tree for ages and love to sit in it and feel the cool shiny bark.

* * *

Up on the foothills of the Sierra de la Giganta. Dust in the air after the first storm.

 It actually rained a few sprinkles. After rain the desert smells. We get these rich ethereal fragrances from the creosote bushes, it is extremely strong sometimes and has a powerful refreshing effect on your mood.

 * * *

                                       Klaus  one of the last December days in  2009

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