Sleeping in caves

– Sea caves in Baja –

Once again, our season is coming to an end.

 A great sea cave on the east side of Carmen. It’s a 20 miles trip from camp and return to get there.

 Suddenly out of the sun, we find ourselves in a huge room with fossil shells imbedded in the rock walls.

  Slowly floating in, we have to get used to the darkness.

 Cool and quite noisy from the the rushing waves inside, the boat heaves up and down with the surging sea, and at places we can touch the ceiling.

 Deep inside the surf is breaking on a tiny beach.

 Not far is Arroyo Blanco, we have camped there sometimes over the years.

 On the way back, in the midday heat, we retreat into another cave at Punta Arena, inside it’s cool and totally still and we take a nap. I enjoy it so much when such state of tranquility has come. We sometimes even go to places with the intention to sleep there, trust the earth, trust the world as it is, and go to sleep in peace for a while. To give in to sleep in midday, not because I’m so tired, only because there is nothing better to do.

 Taking a nap in the middle of the day; I always thought I’m not the type who can do that. What do I care now what type I am?

 There are also other caves.

Caves to cook lunch in.

* * *

The season is over. The days are getting pretty hot. In the night, under the stars, we are talking about leaving.

  Birth of a new day. 10 seconds after sunrise.

 * * * * *

 Ten Years Later

by David Whyte

When the mind is clear
and the surface of the now still,
now swaying water
slaps against
the rolling kayak,
I find myself near darkness,
paddling again to Yellow Island.
Every spring wildflowers
cover the gray rocks.
Every year the sea breeze
ruffles the cold and lovely pearls
hidden in the center of the flowers
as if remembering them
by touch alone.
A calm and lonely, trembling beauty
that frightened me in youth.
Now their loneliness
feels familiar, one small thing
I’ve learned these years,
how to be alone,
and at the edge of aloneness
how to be found by the world.


                                                            Klaus  March 5. 2009

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