Mid Winter

– Baja life –

Beautiful weather, day in day out. It’s mid winter !

 Our good old “boat”. Now in its 9th year, it has never let us down.

Going fishing in the morning.

 The bizarre coast of southern Carmen.

 After fishing, a lazy morning paddel along Carmen.

Siesta in ‘the cave‘ at Punta Arena

 where you can forget the wind, the sun, and the world for a while.

* * *

The grebes are back.

 Vultures warming up in the morning sun.

 Desert trees…

 with and without leaves.

 Baja vegetation: Short bursts of massive rain (Hurricanes) produce abundance of vegetation that is left then to dry in the intense sun.



 by Joan Neth

Sit on the beach,


Gnawing in trees begins.

Ringing in the backyard house.

Breeze through the window.

Stiffness in the neck.

 “What is this?”


 What will “thinking” add?

Who gnaws?

What rings?

Why pain?

When did stiffness start?

“Knowing”, “thinking” add nothing

except fodder for the discursive mind,

mirage of control for the believed thought.

 What bug crosses this drying ink?

Why “know?”

 Let be.



                                                                        Klaus   January 25.    2009

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