The little off-handed yellow brush stroke


– Our obsession with looking for purpose –

   Morning dew on my paddle.

*   *   *

Another trip to the magical island Carmen.

 Looking back: our Sierra de la Giganta.

 Some of the Candelera Islands.

 ** ** **

  Spider web clouds in the air. Wind is coming.

 ** ** **

On windy days the sailors are on their ways too.

Then the ocean gets lively, and the paddling can become a little rougher.

 And after a storm the swell can be impressive, occasionally even blocking the view toward the mountains.

 *  *  *

  A young Egret…

 …and an older Egret.

 *  *  *

  I don’t even know the name of these beautiful fish. Look at the nonchalant, off-handed yellow brush stroke on the side, they all have it.

What is this yellow smudge, this careless brush stroke? Was it accidental, was it a glitch? Boy, doesn’t it look like that? What a ridiculous thought! God tripped over the carpet and accidentally hit the fish with his paint brush while he was working on it? Or, maybe, he, for some reason, deliberately marked it with this yellow smudge as “reject” when he reviewed his production, but it accidentally remained on the assembly line and was inadvertently delivered into the world? What a childish notion! There is this wonderful body, this fish, intricate, complex beyond comprehension, entirely purposeful, through and through, every little part, down to the invisible details, has a function, making it ‘this fish‘. We are so thoroughly conditioned to see it as a product of design. How could something so mind bogglingly complicated, so strikingly beautiful ever come into existence without a plan, without an intelligent design? And yet, it has been proven over and over again, it can; and it not only can, but, in this universe as it is, it looks like it must. Somehow I take this “silly” yellow stripe as a reminder: be careful with your interpretations of what you see. Your conclusions may be so completely wrong. Stick with what you really see, man, it is fantastic enough! We may ask for the purpose of this yellow ‘brush stroke‘, but looking for purpose has never brought us very far. It has brought us “reductionism” and only deepened the mystery. Why not just look and enjoy and surrender to the mystery? Surrender not by throwing up our hands in frustration, but consciously surrender in ultimate understanding.


* * *


by John Pollard

It must have been about July

the ants came

they camped out in my bathroom

 they’ve done this in years before

and I always went out and bought

ant traps

not this year

the ants just came and I just let them

 I asked them to be nice

I told them to be careful when I took

a shower because they would be washed away

 they didn’t come in great hordes

just a few here and there

sometimes a bunch here and there

but not an army

 some of them were washed away when I showered

some of them were washed away when I scrubbed the floor

 I tried to alert them

 I made no big deal about them

they pretty much seemed to ignore me

when fall came the ants left

a few less each day

then one day I didn’t see any

 no more ants

it’s colder now

I can’t wait for the ants to come back

They seem to bring warmer weather

* * *

Klaus   January 10.    2009

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