Christmas 2008

– Fishing life –

On Christmas eve we sat on the beach in the balmy, moonless night and gazed at the stars. Orion is high up now when we have this regular pre-bed celebration. A bit of moisture was in the air after a gentle south breeze during the day; this always brings out the wonderful desert fragrance we love so much, the lovely smells of plants that kind of hold their breath when its dry and exhale as soon as it gets wet.

We had been out fishing way before day break but came home empty handed after 4 hours. In fact, I had a big Yellowtail on for a moment, but it spat the bait fish out when it sensed the fraud, the hook didn’t catch. This can happen! Yellowtail don’t have teeth, they crush their food with powerful jaw muscles. The bait fish was still alive!

 The rest of the day we hung out with friends and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

Christmas morning breakfast here in our little Mexican desert garden by the sea.

The tomato plants in the background have already sticks to climb up on.

 * * *

 Next day we went fishing again and came home loaded with 6 different kinds of fish.

Another nice Yellowtail.

 Sometimes it gets a little crowded in my cockpit.

 At home, when all the fish needs to be cleaned and cut into filets, the pelicans always wait for their share.

 * * *

Still Point Island at the northern end of Danzante

* * *

Today, a big storm came howling down from the north in the night. The surf is roaring, but the sky is crystal clear, and it’s still in the upper 60s.

                                                                     Klaus   December 27.    2008

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