– Baja life and thoughts after Obama’s election –

 November 2008

We arrived on the last day of October. By the 4th of November we were settled in. The beginning of our new life coincided with the election and the wonderful chance of the beginning of a new time in much larger terms.

I’m a little surprised how many Americans seem to take this fantastic change in political atmosphere with only limited enthusiasm. They made it happen, and the result was more than convincing, but now they seem to stand back and ready to let things go by themselves again. I heard many say: “Ok, Obama, we picked you, now deliver!” What do they expect? No one can do this alone, no one should do this alone. And this is finally a guy who doesn’t want to do it alone.

Americans seem to become political in bursts, for certain elections, for selected missions – end of Vietnam, stop smoking, etc. – the rest of the time they love to keep politics far away from their private lives. The rest of the world appears to be a little different. Maybe elsewhere they’ve been burned too often and too badly to ever relax their wary attention on politicians. The rest of the world is absolutely wild about Obama now, he represents what “we” love aboutAmerica, he is the kind of figure ‘we‘ need ourselves, now we can all be Americans again! We should not go back to our own business and let him deliver. These are new times, we are in it together – world wide, globally! We can’t afford anymore to mind our own business.


Boy, it was a tough arrival this time! Extremely hot and bugs! We made the decision to finally go to another beach. It’s a place we’ve been before, and it’s not so far from where we were before. 21 years ago we spent a few weeks here, and it has hardly changed at all.

A new place.

Tucked away behind vegetation, we have built our new place.

  Because of the heat our outside kitchen was a blessing in the first week. Soon there will be a little vegetable garden under the trees.

 The beach is a little rougher.

It was under those mountains in the far distance where our home was in the last couple of years. The first week we slept in a big tent friends gave us. It was so brutally hot that we almost suffocated in our motorhome. And the bugs made us miserable. There are actually friends, Steve & Mary, living in a house close by, (Since summer they volunteer and teach school in the very small village near by. They made it through ‘Norbert‘, the last hurricane here, and loved it.) Then the first northerly came and blew the insects away, and the temps plummeted. In days we were happy campers again.

The vultures play in the thermals.


 Out on the ocean again.

 From our very first fishing trip we came back with a giant Needle Fish. These guys are hard to catch. They bite the lure alright but don’t get hooked. Look at their snout, no hook will easily stick into that boney schnozzle. And, of course, they bite, too! This one was so big, it was a piece of art to get him into my cockpit and between my legs! We ate of it for a week; it’s absolutely gourmet.

 They have green bones and lots of them.


* * *

Next time it was a huge Jack.

 In fact, it was almost a bit more than I could chew in my kayak,

  There was not much room left in my boat!

It took me half an hour work to tire him out and get him in between my legs.

 * * *

Danzante looks slightly different from here. And it’s a bit closer, too. The beach is more exposed to the northerlies, and the surf is stronger.

 A view to the south.

 When you look very closely you can see a big construction crane on Ensenada Blanca in the distance. Sad signs of fundamental changes in this last paradise. A long fight against this future hotel sight had been lost last year. They closed down a little low key, environmentally friendly retreat center and are building a huge hotel.

                                                          Klaus November 11,  2008

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