The recognition of luck

 – The significance of luck in life –

 We need luck in life. At times we all think to do things right is enough. But in addition to even the best effort to make it through life we need luck. And luck is blind; it is rare that we ever really accept this part of truth. We never give up hoping to find a way to influence it, we tend to envy people who have luck because we unconsciously assume they knew a secret to attract it. But luck is blind, it strikes according to incomprehensible laws. The idea that it might not obey to any rules at all seems even more incomprehensible.

It all begins to make a little more sense once you give up taking luck so personally, once you give up taking Life personally. Luck is a biased interpretation of random, a subjective consideration of statistical data, a dry, cool, empty phenomenon. However, it gets its immense significance for all of us who fall into the trap to perceive our otherness, our separateness from the rest of the world as real.

I think there is only one aspect about luck that really matters and should concern us more than anything; and it is the very same one aspect that defines life in its entirety, that makes the difference between living and just surviving: we have to notice it. We have to notice luck when it occurs. And in order to notice anything one has to pay attention.

On these last marvelous summer evenings we like to sit on the cliffs with a glass of wine and mark our acknowledgement, the recognition of our luck far beyond reason, we celebrate our awareness. We are still here – it’s not for ever – we haven’t run out of luck yet. A big chunk of the cliff broke away recently and fell down into the ocean, we lucky idiots were not there when it happened. We see the gaping hole and raise our glasses. We clearly have no say about these things, but we can notice them, and we waste our one precious life when we don’t.

                                                                      Klaus  September 14  2008

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