Flying ultra light

 – Flying with my Powered Paraglider

– Aerial views of my home town –

   Getting ready to launch.

Sequim from 5000 feet. The straight line is Hwy 101.

Cruising along high over our ‘town under the blue hole‘.

 Cline Spit and part of the Dungeness Spit. In the distance the old Oyster House and the Dungeness River mouth.

 Dungeness River mouth.

 The cliffs. Sometimes they create a good up draft that gives a lot of lift to soar in.

 Our nice ‘uncontrolled‘ little airport.

 My own runway close to our house (left) proved to be a bit too dangerous with the tall trees so close by and is since long grown over again.

 Another flying machine I used for a while.

 Approximately over the Spit, looking south.

 The light house.

More about flying with my paraglider (here).

                                                                   Klaus  September 10. 2008

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One Response to Flying ultra light

  1. Steve Ramsey says:

    These are some great shots! We are actually moving to Sequim next month (along with our PPG units) and would love to find some launch sites that aren’t in the way of all of the private airports, etc… Also – would love to meet other pilots in the area – always fun to have more wings in the air for safety (and color)

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