Canoeing among big ships

  The traditional ‘Wooden Boat Festival‘ in Port Townsend was another occasion to try out our new canoe.

Several ancient tall ships came to the festival to be touched, smelled, and looked at.

One has to know the ropes on such a ship.

What a place for climbing! And imagine what it’s like to go up there while the boat is knocked around in rough seas.

Our vessel is by no means something to show off and it’s not of wood either, but it’s ideal for cruising around among these fabulous yachts and enjoying the atmosphere.

Later in the day the wind picks up and all these magnificent boats sail up and down to show off.

It is downright incredible that they don’t run into each other.

 We sit in our canoe, drink tea, and take in the show as if it was made just for us.

 Another day in the sleepy harbor of Port Angeles.

 Hardly any activity here, just the smells and sounds of a little marina, and the endless play of light and color happening for no reason at all.

 Much bigger ships here.


 Traditional versus ultra modern. See the helicopters on top of these toy-yachts of  the famous 6% of the world population who have 60% of all the money in the world – and they almost all live in the USA.

 * * *

                                                                        Klaus Sept. 9.  2008

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