Mountain Summer

We look at Mt.Olympus from a distance again.

 Our favorite flower meadows are in their prime now.

   Up in the highest elevations the Lupines are still blooming.

Bugs feasting on Cow Parsnip

Indian Paintbrush

 Hurricane Ridge early in the morning



M0st call this a disease or mutation. I see it as Nature playing with new ideas, trying out other possibilities. That’s how it all started, and that’s how it keeps going. What seemed initially to be a flaw, a glitch, a defect can ultimately evolve to a successful improvement.

This might be cancer or a new species.

A new route up Mt.Angeles. Parvin was swearing at me until she made it to the top and admitted then that it was “pretty interesting”.

A short breather on the South Ridge.

Moos Lake

Grand Valley

Lillian Ridge

Erosion patterns. Slowly moving earth. Imagine taking one picture of this every 10 years or so and putting it together, making a movie out of it. It would look like a violent water fall.

Even now, close to end of August, there is still some snow around.

Summer 2008

                                                                            Klaus Aug.  2008

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