Joshua Tree

– Our regular stopover in Joshua Tree N.P. –

– Spring 2008 –

The season is over.

It’s spring in the desert, the wild flowers are out.

 For two weeks or so there is sometimes a carpet of color on the otherwise mostly barren ground.

It doesn’t happen every year and depends totally on the rainfall in winter. For us it is a wonderful early message of spring.

 Every year I come here to check the friction of my soles

Others go to church, I go here…

What a place to have breakfast!

I often chuckle when I see this guy (me) schlep his “comfort equipment” to exotic locations in order to investigate certain experiences, when he struggles up mountains and risks his butt only to have special sensations, or when he drives two and a half thousand miles to do what he likes. I chuckle and let him do it.

They may look like teddy bears, but boy, one wrong move and you gonna regret it.

 Early in the morning it is a mysterious place.

Even the ground is littered with needles that stick to your shoes for ever.

It was a long, long way to get to this location, but it is so interesting to sit among cacti and feel the strange tension that is of course only imagined.

 ** ** **

 Anyway, I think it’s about time to shut up for a while.

This almost metallic flower blooms in spring in the desert.

                                                                          Klaus March 22, 2008

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