Rolling home

 – Cacti, aromas, and Pacific Ocean –

Under the palms of San Ignacio.

 The desert is blooming in northern Baja.

Fantastic fragrances fill the air all day long while we drive through the empty land. I’m always amazed how smells trigger my imagination: Suddenly powerful emotions come visiting out of the blue, deep, vivid memories emerge out of nowhere. At first it often seems inexplicable where they come from – until, long after it has already done its magic in the unconscious depths of your mind, you sometimes become aware of a smell. Ah, that smell – what a wealth of stories connected to it!

Maria gave me an ointment that contains ozone in microscopic little bubbles (a great disinfectant for the skin). When I applied it on my face I was instantly almost overwhelmed by powerful wonderful emotions and memories of beautiful hot summer days and things I did on such days. (On warm summer days there’s a lot of ozone in the air!)

 We find the strangest flowers after all the rains. Bolsa de Conejo.

  The Cirios – endemic to Baja – are fat with leaves

 * * * *

We play at the Pacific coast for a while.

 It is cooler here, and the ocean is wilder.


New never-seen creatures on these Pacific beaches.

March 2008

The sad wreck of a proud sailing yacht we saw last year is gradually disintegrating and sinking more and more into the sand.

March 2007

*  *  *  *

 Temporary incredible landscapes in the sand

 while the tide is moving out

 At the east coast on the Sea of Cortez we have the wonderful sunrises, here, at the Pacific side of the Baja peninsula it’s the sunsets that take your breath away.

We watch the mysterious green flash

just the last second when the sun disappears under the horizon.

  The night is falling a last time in Baja

 Klaus March 13, 2008

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