– While winter seems to be at its worst up north we keep playing in paradise –

Our Sierra de la Giganta

Our bay when it’s really calm.

This time of the year a lot of new vegetation is growing under water.

Don’t they look stylish?

 Cormorants – There is always one who looks the other way…

 Fantasy in rock

 Parvin, herding a fish swarm.


 A puffer fish. We may think he looks funny, but I’m sure he finds his look very threatening.

  They blow themselves up like this when they feel danger; we actually saved him from a seagull. When we put him back into the water he deflated like a punctured balloon and swam away.

*  *  *

Checking out a cruise ship of National Geographic that has found its way to our remote paradise.

* * * * *

                                                    Klaus February 14.   2008

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One Response to February

  1. Michele Bryant says:

    Love the double-bubbles!!!
    So glad you are doing this. Kathy B

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