Isla Carmen

 – A portrait of Isla Carmen –

Sunrise at Punta Baja.

Cliffs made of fossil shells.

Parvin got hit by a stingray on this tiny beach. It’s incredibly painful. The only thing that helps is boiling hot water, but where to get it 2½ paddle hours from home?

Baja California dreaming

On a long day trip along the southern coastline just south of Puertocitos, not too far from Agua Verde.

Our food source (Futterstelle). Over the years we caught hundreds of fish under this cliff.

These rocks on Carmen, filled with imbedded fossil shells, are razor sharp; just touching them even lightly cuts your skin.

A magical breakfast spot on Carmen after a 1½-hour crossing. From here you can often see whales wandering by very close.

It sure is nice to swim in these waters while winter is raging up north.

Sea and desert – actually the most widespread form of landscape on this planet.

                                                                      Klaus  Jan. 9. 2008

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