Autumn in Owens Valley

Late October 2007 –

In Owens Valley the cottonwoods are in their spectacular autumn costume now.

 Near Independence, up Onion Valley road.

 The first ice in the morning on the lakes at 10 000 feet.

 The stillness after the storm.

 Kearsarge Pass – 12000 feet.

Just a dusting of snow and a gentle breeze over the upper lakes.


 One day Parvin drives me up to 9000 feet high Onion Valley and on the wildest ride I ever took I coast down the 6000 feet elevation drop to Independence on my bike without moving a muscle. I was deaf for a while from the hiss in my ears from the blistering speed. It’s something I would have frowned on and considered stupid only a short while ago. Nowadays I praise every day on which I manage to change my mind about something. Opinions are just the ballast we carry around, our armor that we hope would shield our poor egos; opinions that prevents us to be as crazy as Nature may have made us. Like my old friend Kabir, I sometimes envy the lucky idiots who knew this all along?

                                                           Klaus  Joshua Tree   Oct. 26. 2007

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