A bicycle tour through Germany 1

 -A reportage in 5 parts about a bicycle tour through Germany – June 2007-

– 1 –

Bike, beer, and breakfast.

Our first touch down after Seattle was Paris. We were late already but I thought we were in another world when the plane took more than half an hour to taxi around on Charles de Gaul Airport, crossing freeways, getting into traffic jams with other planes and bus traffic and finally coming to a stop somewhere far away from any terminal. The following bus ride took about an hour and felt like traveling in downtown Paris at rush hour, stop and go in totally chaotic traffic of cars, airplanes, and trains. We missed the connecting flight by hours and had to stand in line for rescheduling.

 The first glimpse of Germany and “the green, green grass of home

 The river Weser comes into view, along which we plan to ride our bike. The little villages look like organically grown in the landscape, not stamped out on the ground, regardless where it happens to be, like in other younger places on this globe.

 Parvin’s brother lives here with his German wife on the rolling hills of the Weserbergland.

 A moment of reflection – returning home after 20 years

 They have a true paradise on top of a mountain, secluded, green, almost tropical, overlooking the river down in the valley.

 Agriculture all around and windmills – windmills everywhere in Germany.

 Their horses live free as the wind …

 … when the grand kids don’t want to play with them.

 Breakfast in good old Germany; there is nothing like it anywhere else.

  Two beers please! The beer tastes again, I had almost forgotten it.

 We sit for hours and talk about life, about family, and about gardening …

 … and I play with my dream car.  This ‘Smart‘ is as long as our bicycle and runs up to 70 miles per gallon – they say.

To be honest, I had expected at least half of the cars in Germany to be of this environmentally innovative kind, the truth is they still love big and powerful cars too, you can even see American SUVs, Jeeps, and pick up trucks. But it is changing fast.

 While we enjoy the rest of the family …

 … and wait for the relentless thunderstorms to let up …

  … we get familiar with the wonderful world around …

 … pick wild berries …

 … until finally — after 3 days — our bicycle arrives. Quite damaged, but I can repair it.

 The clouds are still heavy when we finally take off …

 … and hit the road.

 * * *

There is a terrific bike path along the entire river, often on both sides. Old maintenance tracks and agricultural roads where no cars are allowed. No grades either! It’s a biker’s dream! I know the river from paddling half a lifetime ago but never bicycled here, so everything is quite new to me.

 —  to be continued  —

                                                                      Klaus   July 2, 2007

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