A bicycle tour through Germany 2

-A reportage in 5 parts about a bicycle tour through Germany – June 2007-

  – 2 –

  Pedaling along a river

  The Weser near Höxter

 Clouds every day, but it is great for bike riding

 A typical street café in Holzminden.

We rarely ride more than an hour before we settle into the next street café in the next village.

  The Weser near Karlshafen

 Every now and then we use a ferry to check out the other side. These ferries run without engine, they make use of the current to noiselessly travel across the river – just like a sail in the wind.

 Villages with ordinary houses older than America.

 Hannoversch Münden has an ancient core that hasn’t changed much since the 1200s.

 Street cafés wherever you go. And people sit there and let the time go by.

  After a long day on the bicycle there is nothing like a good German beer. The Germans not only describe the taste of beer in lyrical terms, they have wonderful words for the sound it makes when you let in run down a thirsty throat.

 A lovely morning after breakfast in a tiny village

The Weser near Holzminden

 Stealing cherries. There are plenty of fruit trees along the path.

 The cows are curious and love to lick our salty skin.


The barley is not ripe yet.


 *  *  *

 Here are a few funny bonbons for fellow expatriates:

Wouldn’t you be intrigued to find out what an Angel Center is ?

In Germany it’s a store where you can buy sport-fishing equipment.

And a Bootshaus – there are many of those along a river – is hardly ever a place where boots are sold but rather a place where boats are housed.

It is quite amazing, things like that would have never occurred to me before.

 *    *    *    *

 —  to be continued  —

Klaus  July 2, 2007

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