A bicycle tour through Germany 3

-A reportage in 5 parts about a bicycle tour through Germany – June 2007-

 – 3 –

 Birdsong in the forests, quiet churches, and ancient cities.

* * *


 Riding along the wall of an ancient castle.

  Riding along the little river Diemel.

After a short down pour the air is like champain.

The Weser near Karlshafen

 near Hameln

 close to Bodenwerder

 Churches, sometimes rustic from outside …

 … but truly awesome inside.

 A precious moment somewhere on the way.

 Hannoversch Münden

  Marburg; it seems as if almost half the population in this old university town are young students.

 These houses stand for 700 years and more.

 Many other bicyclers everywhere.

Bicycling in Germany has always been more a means of transportation than a sport.

 And again and again some more of the golden juice.

  A sherry in the evening isn’t bad either.

 The castle in Marburg

 Down town in Hameln

 *   *   *

— to be continued —

                                                                              Klaus   July 2, 2007

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