Once more our circle is almost completed.

– Going home in style –

The last snowstorm has blown itself out, spring is reigning again, and we slowly make our way north.

Every day we sit in another hot spring.

One night, sitting in a hot pool and watching shooting stars, we celebrate the last full moon of this season..

We never go exactly the same way. There are still roads we have never traveled, and we still find places we have never seen. And, of course, places are never the same, no matter how often you return.

For days we follow the white ribbon of the gigantic Sierra Nevada. It’s still cold at night, but the days are mild and even warm. We keep the driving time short, after less than 200 miles we mostly call it a day. We usually stay away from campgrounds, we never go on trailer parks. In the early afternoon we often pull off into some National Forest road and disappear in the nature. I immensely enjoy these little discovery tours into the unknown at the end of a day when we look for a nice place to spend the night. This time of the year we can sit outside in the afternoon and smell the spicy fragrance of the fresh sage and the resin of the pine trees drifting in the warm spring air. We have our tea and go for long walks on unknown trails. We may have a fire and sit in the stillness of the night for a while. And next morning we are up early and hit the road again. We are going home.

 *   *   **   *   *

 Klaus  some where in southern Oregon April 2  2007

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