Mysterious designs on the sand

– Watching little crabs on the beach –

At low tide, tiny little crabs run around on the beach. They gather up a bunch of wet sand with their little arms, squeeze it against their body, hugging it, and suck nutrition out of it  – squeezing the juice out of it, so to speak. They do this step by step, leaving a row of bunched up de-juiced sand behind that represents their mysterious harvest. At each low tide these wonderful patterns appear on the beach.

 * * *

It might be tempting to see mysterious encrypted messages in them; messages in a language we have long forgotten, stories of profound importance, solutions for incredible secrets. And maybe they are. One of Nature’s endless silent messages, demonstrating its forever playful choiceless, purposeless creativity. Remains of hard work to make a living. A recorded history of a little crab’s feeding activity. The next tide wipes the slate clean again, and the message gets written over and over again, with different words each time.


And then people come and wonder what it means. And they investigate and find, it means nothing. It just is. Little miracles, wherever you look!

 * * *

 Other, slightly bigger crabs make different designs.

One of those guys is just peeking out of his hole in the upper right corner of the picture.

                                                                         Klaus November 25, 2006

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One Response to Mysterious designs on the sand

  1. bill says:

    great work Klaus!

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